Our business specializes in
processing the freshest seafood in ALASKA.

“Working with fishermen, and the community of Adak AK, to ensure we produce fresh, safe seafood for the world”

Golden Harvest Alaska Seafood LLC is an Alaskan Seafood Facility. Family owned and operated we have brought the community of Adak Alaska back to life. This small secluded island only inhabited 70 people before we arrived. Now we employ over 250 Americans from all over the USA, and we have created a thriving community on this once abandoned island.

Our 144,000 square foot processing facility is fully equipped with a massive dock allowing us to service fishing vessels and ocean freight barges of all sizes. With access to an airplane strip allowing us to air freight orders. Our biggest challenge is getting a plane large and frequent enough to service our needs. We are working with the Alaskan Government to make Adak, AK a User Fee Facility allowing us to bring in large cargo planes and barges to ship direct from Adak to world markets. We have successfully chartered entire planes full of Live King Crab to China and if we can become a User Fee Facility this will significantly cut down on the flight time producing a greater product to the end consumer.

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